SD dish TV alignment using android

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The project is designed to develop a dish positioning system which can be operated by using an Android application. The main application of using a dish is to receive signal from satellites and other broadcasting sources. In order to position the dish to the exact angle to receive the maximum signal of a particular frequency, it needs to be adjusted manually.

In order to overcome the difficulty of adjusting manually, this proposed system helps in adjusting the position of the dish through an Android application device. Remote operation is achieved by any smart-phone/Tablet etc., with Android OS, upon a GUI (Graphical User Interface) based touch screen operation. This system consists of two motors that enable the dish to move both in horizontal and vertical direction. The Android application device acts as a transmitter whose data is received by Bluetooth device which is interfaced to an Arduino controller. The Bluetooth device sent data to the microcontroller which is transmitted from Android application device. The Arduino sends control signals to the motors through an interface IC also known as motor driver IC. The Bluetooth device serially communicates with the microcontroller.



Q:  In which direction dish positioning takes place?
A:  Dish positioning takes place in the direction of X-axis and Y-axis
Q:  What is the rating of DC motor used?
A:  2 DC motors are used withrating of 12V, 10RPM
Q:  Which type of smart phone is used to operate this project?
A:  Any mobile phone which has Android OS is used in this project.
Q:  How can I install the Blue control App used for the project?
A:  Go to Google Play in your Android mobile search for Blue control App, select and install.

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