Interactive time with Proteus8 simulation

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                         In this project we have design an Interactive timer for timing load operation at low cost. In many industries we have seen that for small scale timing purpose the PLC are used but if the industries are small so they do not need such a costly system so we have considered this problem and also In small research lab if we want to ON the heater for 50sec. but if we forgot to turn OFF the system so that we have to make such Interactive time which having facility to set the ON time for particular device the system is movable you can connect different location also for the different application. In case you want to ON / OFF the device by your mobile so we will provide such a new enhanced facility by which you can operate the load by just sending the SMS from your mobile phone . In this system we will use 8051 microcontroller for operation and key for the input, relay and one A.C load as device. As well as we will also give the simulation on Proteus8 circuit simulator.



1) It is an low cost solution for timer applications.

2) I is used in industry.

3) It is used  as ON as well as OFF timer.

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