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It is a combine GSM module having inbuilt PIC16F648A microcontroller which increase the features of this module. This module doesn’t require any complicated programming for 8051, AVR, PIC, ARM and Arduino also. It having inbuilt Jumper settings by which user can add the extra features into it. By connecting J1 jumper send the desired SMS whatever you want and disconnect the J1 and make pin 5 LOW you may get the SMS back to that number by which you have gave the missed call.



·       Module is built by SIM800C chip.

·       It operates on +5V, 1A.

·       It is having Micro SIM slot.

·       We can use GSM regular feature also.

·       Inbuilt 3.3V regulator.

·       External antenna facility, separate brass connector for each.

·       Network searching time Max 50sec. for GSM.

·       SMS based automation project inbuilt facility.

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