Electro-Unique is versatile in training institute for students on various technologies, we provide training and project in up-to-the-minute and sophisticated technology Engineering sector, entertaining and promoting the students with knowledge and skills, to cope up with challenging Electronics and Electrical Engineering world.

We provide latest technology, Solutions, job oriented trainings and ultimately projects for students of BE/ME/Diploma/MCA and others in all the branches. The project category fall into system based, application based, web based, embedded based, and more. Over thousands projects are completed successfully.

We have always had the right manpower to train students in excellent manner. We aimed to reduce bridge of the knowledge gap between academics and the industry.

Furthermore, lack of core sector companies in the areas of electrical and electronics engineering added to the challenge of providing the students the best possible avenues to enhance their practical skills.

We realized that one way of bridging the gap would also be to explore the possibility of providing a Do It Yourself kit that would consist of typically everything that electrical and electronics engineering students would need to enhance their knowledge and skill at a practical level and help them in exploring new career paths.

With the goal of providing the best to the students, Electro-Unique started an online store for project solutions for all those aspirants who seek to enhance their practical knowledge in the field of electrical and electronics engineering.Electro-Unique currently stocks more than 1000 projects in different forms across numerous categories.

We are always looking for innovative and aspiring people whose passion equals our own.This could be you!Thanks for reading our story!

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